Livonia 2019 ESG Report

September 2020

We are thrilled to publish Livonia’s 2019 Environmental, Social & Governance Report discussing the impact our portfolio companies have on the environment and society. Download the report here.

Today, we are celebrating the fact that all of our portfolio companies have made real and measurable advances in sustainability and governance. Tomorrow, we will be dedicating a share of our capital into projects with a specific and significant environmentally-positive impact.

ESG topics have been among the key investment considerations for Livonia from the onset, and all of our companies have taken concrete steps in sustainability and governance. And we are now delighted to report this publicly.

In 2019, our portfolio company Freor began the construction of a new 16,000m2 A+ energy-efficient production facility, investing €11 million. Cgates continued the modernization of its cable network to reduce electricity consumption. Scoro signed a ‘Tech Green Pledge’ to become climate neutral by 2030 and was recognized as one of the most family-friendly employers in Estonia. These and many other examples show the types of companies that we are happy to support with our ideas and capital.

As we begin a new decade in 2020, we further commit to the belief that specific action from investors should be a catalyst for real changes in companies.