Global leader in thermally modified wood and sauna materials


Thermory is the world’s largest producer of thermally modified wood – an expanding market where an established brand, a global sales network, multifaceted production capacity, and a focus on sustainability position the company well for further growth. Livonia acquired Ha Serv, Europe’s largest maker of sauna materials, in 2016, with the management team keeping a minority stake. Add-on acquisitions, and a 2018 merger with industry peer Thermory, have created a global leader in naturally enhanced wood for decking, cladding, and related products, and for saunas and sauna materials. Livonia sold the company in 2020.

Sustainability & WHY WE INVESTED

Thermory’s thermally modified building materials provide fantastic durability, stability and insulation, while being an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemically-treated products. The raw materials are procured responsibly, and the company is committed to preserving nature’s resources and not abusing the privilege of having natural wood as a resource.