Unified Communications & Collaboration technology provider


Wildix provides CloudPBX and Unified Communications software and hardware to more than 1‘000’000 end users around the world. The Company was established in 2005 and is now headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and headed by its original founders. Livonia Partners provided growth funding to Wildix to facilitate the global rollout of its new product suite.

Sustainability & WHY WE INVESTED

Unified Communication (UC) and Cloud PBX markets are expected to undergo substantial growth, fueled by the convergence of various communication channels and the increasing trend of remote work and collaboration. This positions UC and Cloud PBX as cost-efficient and flexible alternatives that in the long term will continue outperforming traditional communication methods.

As part of its product suite, Wildix supports its clients in ensuring equal opportunities in the workplace by offering solutions with interfaces that are accessible to blind and visually impaired workers.